Anyone who is new to salsa. Couples, Singles, Friends, Groups etc. You can choose the arrangement you dance in to suit your preference: stay with someone you’ve signed up with, dance with people in your class, or dance solo. It’s up to you!

No experience needed. Two left feet accepted.

Please note we don’t take drop ins: only sign ups. There are several reasons for this which you’re welcome to ask if interested.

Two-left feet, No rhythm. We hear these things regularly.

We’ve found that the reality is almost everyone (who learns with us) ends up being able to do way more than they expected. It’s normal to be anxious about this sort of thing, but the chances are you will be able learn to dance salsa–with the right instruction (from us) and willingness (from you) :).

That’s perfectly normal with something totally new like learning to dance.

Yes, you’ll be ok. We take the pressure off by guiding you through everything, and going exactly at your preferred pace.

We understand everyone learns at different speeds and retains information differently. We are quite adaptable and flexible in allowing people go at the tempo at which they’re comfortable to go.

Yes. By attending the first session you are not committed any further. Sign up and start and if it’s not for you, no problem: just let us know. If it is, then great!

Yes. Practising a handful of key concepts is how you get good at Salsa, so we promote and encourage as much practise as we can in the sessions. We find this to be much better than hurrying through things.

Also, our courses are created with the intention of building long term memory. We review previous material each week to build your confidence, cement and develop your skills.

Use the ‘open time’ after your class to get in extra practice. We’re available to help!

Yes. It’s your choice to stay with the person that you’ve signed up with, or mix with others in the classes.

Yes. You have two options. You can either dance with other partner swappers in our partnerwork classes or, join our solo classes where we dance as a group in a line format.

Instead of dancing in partners, we are arranged in rows (facing one way) and we call out moves to do as a group at the same time. We perform loads of fun steps and movements in this!

As we run courses, it’s generally best not to miss more than 3 or more consecutive weeks: though it really depends on each individual: best to ask us.

If you miss too many, you can just rejoin us at the start of the next cycle.

Stay hydrated and hygienic. Bring:

  • Drink(s)
  • Aftershave/perfume and deodorant, so you are smelling as fresh as you look :)
  • You can bring dance shoes if you have them: they’re not necessary though.

Because we can’t plan a good class for someone when we don’t know in advance that they’re coming.

(And usually drop-ins tend to drop out pretty quickly).

We aim to teach people who want to develop more long term.

We teach people a system. And we do so to the particular people who come on our nights (not just generically): we go through our list of attendees (by name) and then plan our sessions for them and their particular needs.

That’s why it makes most sense for us to be bookings only.

Because it means when you come, you will be surrounded by people who are like you. It’s much easier for you.

When you’re among similiar people, it’s easier to be comfortable. Easier to feel a part of things. Easier to have a good time.

Running our events so that everyone has in common learning the same system, culture, style, means we don’t have to worry about things like elitism or “click”-ing happening (Unfortunately, too often, that is a feature at dance schools/events that are open to any and everyone).

Instead, what we aim for is a group of people, who are all in the same circumstances, all aiming towards the same goal.

And that’s the best kind of environment!

Also. When we get you from new, we stand the best chance of making you the best you can be at dancing. We can teach you the right habits and methods from the start. (You know how hard it can be to undo bad habits!).

That’s why we do it the way we do.

It’s uncommon, yes.

But it’s way better! (I promise)

Anything you are comfortable in. As for shoes I would recommend something with less grip (so that you can turn easily). You can wear whatever you like.

There’s generally a great variety of ages who attend– there’s no single dominant age range. We’ve people from 17 to 70.

Anyone over the age of 18 can attend. Or if you’re younger it’ll need to be with the consent/presence of a parent.

It’s £12.50 per class (per person) i.e £25 per couple. We also offer course passes of £75 (for 6 classes) or £62.50 (of 5 classes). This already includes online payment processing fees.

As you progress you can participate in more classes and dancing per session/night–so long as there are spaces. And its all included in your entry fee!

Want more info? Register your interest. And if you’re ready to try it, sign up and we can get you started.