Anyone. Couples, Singles, Friends, Groups etc. You can choose the arrangement you dance in to suit your preference: stay with someone you’re coming with, dance with people in your class, or dance individually. It’s up to you!

No experience needed. Two left feet accepted.

Two-left feet, No rhythm. We hear these things regularly.

We’ve found that the reality is almost everyone (who learns with us) ends up being able to do way more than they expected. It’s normal to be anxious about this sort of thing, but the chances are you will be able learn to dance salsa–with the right instruction (from us) and willingness (from you) :).

That’s perfectly normal with something totally new like learning to dance.

Yes, you’ll be ok. We take the pressure off by guiding you through everything, and going exactly at your preferred pace.

We understand everyone learns at different rates and retains information differently, and let you decide the tempo at which you’re comfortable to go.

Sign up and start, and if you don’t wish to continue, that’s fine (we’ll be disappointed, though).

We do not offer a free first class, but by attending a single session you are not committed any further. If it’s not for you, no problem. If it is, then great!

Yes. As much as you want, actually–we know memory space gets clogged up with the thing of daily life. We also focus on reviewing previous material each week so that you build that long term memory.


Yes. You’ll be able to dance “en parejas” (in partners) with people, or a person, in your class. Or join one of our Salsa “suelta” (Solo) sessions where we dance in a line format.

Instead of dancing in partners, we are arranged in rows (facing one way) and we call out moves to do as a group at the same time. We perform loads of fun steps and movements in this!

No issue. You can just attend when you can (“Flexi-attend”). Another option is to come to different nights we have–as you prefer. As our programme is tailored specifically to you, we can simply continue with your material wherever you left off, whenever you come.

Solo sessions are more group oriented so it’s a little different. But they can still be fairly flexible. If you want more information about this, contact us and ask :).

Stay hydrated and hygienic. Bring:

  • Drink(s)
  • Aftershave/perfume and deodorant, so you are smelling as fresh as you look 🙂
  • You can bring dance shoes if you have them: they’re not necessary though.

You can wear whatever you like. Our only recommendation would be something comfortable, that you can move in. You will get hot when you dance, so layers are a good option. Plus, this is the UK, so you’ll need them for when you go home! Shoes… Men, anything from smart shoes to trainers. Ladies… the same, smart shoes, trainers, if you want to wear heels I would recommend something not too high, and when you’re ready, we can talk dance shoes!

There’s generally a great variety of ages who attend– there’s no single dominant age range.

Anyone over the age of 18 can attend. Or if you’re younger it’ll need to be with the consent/presence of a parent.

Its £10 per night (per person) i.e £20 per couple. This includes the whole evening including all classes.