Salsa Dance Classes

for Complete Beginners in Worcester & Stratford-Upon-Avon

Salsa Classes

We run Salsa classes in Worcester and Stratford-upon-Avon. If you’re a complete beginner and interested in the idea of coming to learn Salsa “Cubana” (Cuban Salsa), explore below to see what classes we offer.

Cuban Salsa dancing is an amazing hobby for people of all ages. Why? It’s danceable by all in partners (whether couples or not), or solo. It’s an exciting dance which, despite appearances, is based on a handful of simple concepts. More informal and down-to-earth than ballroom dancing, and with more Caribbean-style than Ceroc or Jive, Salsa dancing is danceable not only to the colourful and rich genre of cuban salsa music, but also to any popular music with 4 beats.





Salsa School & Classes in Worcester & Stratford-Upon-Avon. 6 Week courses for Absolute Beginners (an

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⌛️ It's Week 2 Tonight, Your Last Chance to Join the Current Course! ⏰If you can't make it, no worries! The next beginners course will start in approximately 5 weeks. 😊 Secure your spot early – sign up and book now as spaces are limited. Don't miss out on the dance fun! 💃🕺 ... See MoreSee Less
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🌟 New Beginners Partners Courses Starting Tonight! 🕺💃Exciting times ahead! Join us for a fantastic night of learning and dancing in our new beginners partners courses. See you on the dance floor tonight! 😄 ... See MoreSee Less
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🎉 Week 1 Begins Tonight! 🕺💃Embark on your salsa journey with Beginners Salsa courses – both Solo and Partner options available. Join us tonight and let the dance adventure unfold! 💫😄 ... See MoreSee Less
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📅Week 1🆕Beginners Salsa💃Solo & Partner Courses🕺Starting Tonight🌙 ... See MoreSee Less
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Partner Classes

Salsa danced in the classic partner format. Either bring someone with you to dance with or dance with others in the class.

Solo Classes

Salsa danced as a group in a line format. Dancing without a partner, bring yourself or your friends.

Dancing in partners

Dance exclusively with the person you are signing up with

Bring someone with you to dance with. Whether you’re looking for couple dance classes, or to dance with a friend or a family member, start (and continue) your salsa journey with a familiar face. This is for people who want to learn to dance salsa together, exclusively.

Dance with various class mates

Dance with various of your class mates, whether you are bringing a partner or not. This is for people who want to learn to dance as well as mix with new people.

What happens at the classes?

Learning to dance with us

6 week Salsa Courses

Our classes are in 6 week Salsa Courses for beginners (as well as more advanced courses): which you attend once a week on a weeknight. Though, if you can’t attend every week, it’s ok to miss some occasionally. Alternatively, you can attend one of the other weeknights we offer.

The way it works is each new week builds upon the material you’ve previously worked on: we review it, practice, practice, practice, and then progress onto the next part when you’re ready. Its all built up from the foundational skills of the dance. We then work from those and learn lots of exciting, advanced applications of them.

For Complete Beginners

Our Salsa lessons are specifically for people without any prior ability or experience in any sort of dancing. We will start from scratch and build up at a pace to suit you. Learn to put together a range of impressive moves to a song you like. Once you are confident in all of the foundations you can then move on to learn more advanced skills with us.

Additional classes & dancing

As you progress you can participate in more classes and dancing per session/night–so long as there are spaces. And its all included in your entry fee!

Reminder and practice videos

Coming soon! After attending your class, we will give you access to a video covering the material you have learnt. Perfect to remind you and help you practice.

Salsa Music Recommendations

We have plenty of recommendations of great music for you to listen and dance to at home.

Check out our class pages. Want more info? Register your interest. And if you’re ready to try it, sign up and we can get you started.