Book Classes

Click the “Salsa Partnerwork” or “Salsa in lines” buttons below for our schedule where you can book on for your salsa sessions/classes.

We encourage you to encourage future you and buy a course pass 😉🕺🏽💃

Get a course pass and book several classes:

  1. Click PASSES and select the course pass you want.
  2. Click “Select more” to see the schedule.
  3. Click on the classes you want to book, then under TICKETS click “Select”. (You can book several classes at once, or alternatively you can book just one and do the others at a future time).
  4. To complete your booking click “View selections” then “Book now”

Book a single class:

  1. Click SCHEDULE, then click on the class(es) you want to book.
  2. Under TICKETS click “Select”. The + / – will show incase you want to book on others too.
  3. If you want to book for several classes click on another class in the schedule and repeat step 2.
  4. To complete your booking click “View selections” then “Book now”


During checkout, you can book as a guest, or create an account so that next time you can login via the green button and speed up your booking process.

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